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Corporate Identity
Your website and graphic design need to highlight the uniqueness of your company. We do it for you! Simply request our services and we’ll send you our briefing.
Clear pages both on desktops as well as mobile devices. Pages enhanced to maximum access.
Your online store for your customers and with an agile system for you, making the purchases quick and easy.
Video Production
Short videos production that gives your site dynamic information.
Optimize your site for the best search engines, increasing the visibility of your website and better revenues.
Social media
Active participation of your brand in social networks, creation of scheduled posts and monitoring the reactions of your followers.
Mamona? Yes!
Brief questions, answers to the point. All you need to know about us!
Rafael Dina – Webdesigner and Infrastructure Analyst with 12 years experience in Support and Infrastructure for Websites,  I’ve worked at major companies such as Editora Abril and multinationals like HP, Unilever and Barry Callebaut. Lucas Moreira – Bachelor in Film and Audiovisual. I have expertise in editing and creating images and videos. I’ve produced over ten audiovisual products (short films, institutional videos and video clips). To learn more visit my portfolio.
After the first meeting and briefing, We’ll set together the value for the necessary services and tasks included. Payment can always be parceled at least twice: first in hiring and than at delivery. We work with fixed deadlines that we commit strictly with and we love when our payment is handled in the same way. As for paid monthly packages, such as site maintenance and webhosting, we usually schedule payment for every 15th of each month. That way you get a website that you are very proud of <3 – and we will work happy together!
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We use the best technologies on the market, like Linux, PHP, JQuery, Litespeed, MySQL, WordPress and it’s huge ecosystem of plugins and themes. We have great production tools and assets that allow us to accelerate the creation and delivery of complex jobs like virtual stores in Woocommerce. We also have a lifetime partnership with Elegant Themes, which guarantees unique quality themes and plugins – always updated, speeding production and delivery. We work with the best and fastest players on the market, such as Digital Ocean, Host1Plus, CloudFlare, Google, Zoho, among others. We also configure customized servers and from scratch.
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